Category: Critical
Description: The type or name syntax of the registry key value IndigoTcpPort under Software\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console\Settings is incorrect.

if you get this error when you bind vmm server to app controller, probably your app controller server has a wrong registry key. you need to change IndigoTcpPort item value to 1fa4 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console\Settings. If IndigoTcpPort’s type is different then REG_DWORD, delete existing item and create an new item with REG_DWORD type.


I got this error on esx 4.1 with cisco ucs b200 m2 blade server.
This error occurres if server’s management log capacity is low or full. To workaround thisd issue you need to clear logs. To clear logs on cisco ucs blades open ucs manager and go to equipment tab-> chassis -> chassis nr. -> servers -> server nr.
then navigate to inventory tab and click CIMC tab. in management logs menu right click SEL records and select “Clear SEL”
SEL_FULLNESS error will recover on next sensor update. (it can take several minutes)

to workaround this problem turn off vm and remove it from inventory. Then browse datastore and add vm to inventory again using .vmx file.

I get this error on test vm’s, so I was able to shut down vm. If you can not power off vm, you need to :
-disconnect host from vcenter
-remove host from vcenter
-restart management agents on host
-add host to vcenter
-restart management services

“Failure to authenticate with the server”

I got this error when my desktop can’t resolve multiple vcenters ip addresses from FQDN name. When using vcenter linked mode dns must be configured correctly.
Use a name server that can resolve vcenters hostnames on machine that you will use vsphere client. Or you can manually add vcenters ip addresses into your /etc/hosts file.

Failure to authenticate with the server

I was having performance problems with VM network performance.
Then I run some tests with different virtual nic types.

I attached flexible virtual nic and download rate 7MB/s, then I attached e1000 nic and average download rate was 40MB/s.

Changing nic type solved problem but I still don’t know why flexible nics have weak performance.

VMs are running on ESX 4.0 host.

Appropriate drivers can be found under C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\wddm_video

You need to update vga driver manually.

I get this error and can’t connect to VM’s console. reconnect button does not work either.

MS has an kb about this issue. (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2288932) but this did not worked for me.

I fixed this problem by adding my user account in local administrators group on the hyper-v hosts and VMM server.